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Religion may help obese shed pounds, gain self-esteem

Obese Americans are finding churches, synagogues and mosques can promote exercise, healthier diets and improved self-images, new research indicates. But many severely overweight women, paralyzed by real and perceived prejudice, find it easier to be “couch-potato saints” than to go out in public for the spiritual and social support that can lead to better health. One new study found obese women were more likely to affiliate with a religious congregation, but less likely than other women to attend services or participate in congregational activities.

Empty pew next to poor children limits benefits of faith

There are few times in life likely to renew faith as the birth of a child. New research suggests poor urban parents and their children may find special sources of support in religious communities that can lead to brighter futures and reduced stress. But the research also raises questions about how well congregations are welcoming poor parents in their midst. Even for the child who’s got his own, a lack of parental involvement makes it that much harder to keep the faith.

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